Kempty Waterfalls

Known for its milky streams of water, Kempty Fall was developed by a British officer as a place for organizing tea parties. At a height of 4500 ft surrounded by the valleys of Mussoorie, Kempty Falls soon become a favourite place for day out tour or a picnic.

Gigantic Fall with somersault of the streams before hitting the bottom, Kempty Falls is the most popular and one of the oldest tourist spot near Mussoorie.Developed before more than 150 years ago by a British man, Kempty Falls is the most fascinating picnic spot or a perfect day out place nearby Mussoorie at a distance of 15 km.

Live your myth in Greece

The Jawahar Aquarium is Mussoorie’s newest shining gem. This aquarium can be reached by a cable car as this pulchritude aquarium is located up the hill. The Jawahar Aquarium Mussoorie is home to some of the most exotic fishes well maintained in the clean waters of the tanks.

A plethora of fishes welcome you on an entry fee of mere 15 rupeess or so. The Jawahar Aquarium Mussoorie consists of tropical fishes like tiny shark, red piranha, etc. The Aquarium is a small effort of encouraging Mussoorie tourism by entertaining people of all ages. The colorful and vibrant fish Aquarium is a sheer entertaining experience.

Gunhill Point

A historical and second highest peak of Mussoorie, Gun Hill is favourite place for viewing picturesque Himalayan range and Doon Valley. A popular view point of Mussoorie, Gun Point is located at 400 ft above The Mall and accessible by a cable car as well.

At the second top peak of the Mussoorie, Gun Hill is popular place among photographers and Himalayan viewers as it provides a 360 degree view of Himalayan ranges namely Bunderpunch, Srikantha, Pithwara and Gangotri group etc. One can also witness Mussoorie's top view from Gun Point with other picturesque views of the Mussoorie and Doon valley.

Company Garden

A major picnic location in Mussoorie, Company Garden is a colourful garden located at 3 km from The Mall. Also known as "Municipal Garden" or "Company Bagh", it is visited by number of tourists round the year.Company Garden has a variety of beautiful flowers.

Filled with several colourful flowers, Company Garden is one of most attractive garden in Mussoorie. Best for couple and family picnic, it is a well maintained Municipal Garden, tourists often come here for a small picnic or a day out in Mussoorie. A mini lake with a small artificial waterfall adds to its beauty. For the kids play, Company Garden also has an amusement park with ample space and adventurous rides.